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Antonija Misura in music video

Croatian basketballer Antonija Misura became charecter in a music video. Beautiful blonde participated in the video for the song “Ona mi je dom” Croatian artist Branimir Bubich. 24-year-old women player, playing the position of guard, was chosen “Miss Olympicsgames in London last Olympic games

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Antonija Misura Incredible

Antonija Misura is incredible, she is combining basketball, modeling and politics


Antonija Misura Article

According to the staff of one of the most well-known Internet portals , the most beautifull athlete of the London Olympics is a Croatian basketball player Antonija Misura .

Young blonde now called Miss Olympics . Clearly, it will be confined fair share of attention, especially the male audience . International forums such vital figures .

Basketball has not yet reached significant results , and the Croatian team does not claim a medal , but the beauty wins dry statistics . At home, she was in favor of the club , ” Vidic ” has a good shot. Perhaps her and has a great future , but for now it is only beauty in the Olympics.

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Antonija Misura

Antonija Misura

Antonija Misura14 antonija misura15 antonija misura16 Antonija-Misura16 Antonija Misura is so attractive even when she is not posing for a photosesion.

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Toulouse extends Croatian guard Antonija Misura and Miranda Ayim

Antonija Misura extends her contract

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An interview with beautifull Antonija Misura

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Miss Olympic Games – Antonija Misura has entered the politics

Antonija Misura run for municipal elections in his Sibenik.

Croatian basketballer Antonija Misura , who was elected Miss Olympics 2012 , wants to enter into politics. Beauty run for municipal elections in the city of Sibenik, where her career began

According to political analysts, its inclusion in the list of party GLB is advertising ploy , but she denies this and says it is ready to participate actively in politics.

24 -year-old Antonija Misura is willing to help in the development of his hometown , and he thought he made a good move with your application . She explained that it would not stop with basketball, but simply combines the two activities .

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Antonija Misura competition

Antonija Misura is one of the most beautifull jock around, but she has steadfastly refused almost all introduction from modeling agencies across the world. She wants to keep the focus on her basketball career and education. How dare she! Someone this gorgeous has a gift that should be shown to the world.
Of course, she is great basketball player, appearing for the Croatian national squad at this past summer’s Olympic games. While she only saw limited action, she got most media attention of anyone on her team.

Colleagues from the Russian edition “Sovetskiy Sport” drafted top 10 most beautiful contestants of running in France European Basketball Championship and placed on top of its rankings compatriot Ilona Korstin. Award-winning beauty for  1 in European basketball and Miss Olympics 2012 Croatian Antonja Misura (pictured below) is on the second position. Are the Russians right, judge for yourself!


Antonija Misura Beautyfull

antonija misura10Antonija Misura once again  is extreemly hot!!!!!